Spice up your riding

Each cycling type has its benefits for the body, and many of the skills required for one are transferable to another. Professional athletes often mix up their training schedules with other disciplines to work different muscle groups and fitness levels. For example, professional downhill racer, Tahnée Seagraveis is often seen riding her road bike to improve her stamina and cardio which she can put to go use on the trails, and former Downhill World Champ has been seen competing in cyclocross to keep her fitness sharp.

If it works for the pros, no doubt a little dabbling could be good for the rest of us. So to practice what I preach I'm going out on a mountain bike ride today, the first since 2006, Its gonna be muddy and I confess did online to research tyre pressures and as with most of my internet searches went down a route which lead me to this amazing video which I just had to share, I suspect my ride will be considerably slower but I'll let you know how it goes.

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