Are you training right?

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Here’s my concise guide.

My training is good if:

Emphasis is placed on each of the principal determinants of performance on the bike, without forgetting any one of them.

Emphasis is sometimes on volume and at other times on intensity.

There is a progressive evolution of each of the elements which determine the total training load.

Intensive sessions aim at developing one or two determinants in a particular manner, and not more.

Certain sessions will comprise more than twenty effort intervals, while others will comprise fewer, yet much longer, intervals.

Training conditions approximate the conditions likely to present themselves in actual competition.

Periods of active rest following training periods are envisaged beforehand.

Sessions which demand extreme efforts of short duration are only planned for moments when the degree of fatigue is low.

The annual plan is divided into phases, each phase being characterised by a particular element on which emphasis will be placed.

In each phase there are a few sessions which are devoted to reinforcing the qualities developed in the previous phases.

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