Nick Cooper

I started riding aged 12 when I got my first ‘Racer’ for Christmas. It was the immediate freedom that I loved the world was my oyster, so I started riding to school and getting out on weekends and exploring the world around me.
It is fair to say that I am became a cyclist at quite a young age. I continued to use bikes as transport and lesiure for years always seeing cycling as part of who I am. Riding bikes has been pleasure, pain, relief, necessity and probably salvation at different times.

My first attempt at competition came with a Time Trial in my mid forties it was a local club event (10 Miles on A303) I rode out, I rode round (slowly) and then rode home. On the ride home I was trying to work out how to go faster for longer - totally hooked. Taking a coaching course was just a logical step because the process of improving, getting better or achieving a goal is what interests me. 

For me the key thing about cycling is not competing but rather an odd definition of who I am - 'I am a cyclist’ and given the oppurtunity I like to help others become that to.