Coaching Philosophy

Coaching is about listening, evaluating, and understanding. Once aware of your needs, We adopt the most effective strategy and motivational approach to coach you successfully. It is my responsibility to explain the training strategy and outline how you will reach your goals on a physiological and psychological level. Your responsibility is to communicate and document your efforts on and off the bike and to share your thoughts and ideas. Hands on coaching is effective and utilising web based programs for designing and evaluating strategies can be beneficial - but it’s not enough. Understanding your unique process and creating an individually tailored, physical and mental plan to achieve your aims requires interaction. We work together to mould the optimum approach.


Training the Mind: Most amateur cyclists overlook the psychological side of cycling. You are probably aware of the importance of intervals, stretching and eating balanced meals but do you know the importance of training your mind before, during and after a ride? "Don’t Stress Out", a great article in Velonews emphasises this point, quoting a professional cyclist, “While I physically train almost every single day, I mentally and emotionally train just as hard.”


Attaining Balance: I will evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, and the improvements you wish to make, and together we will create an overall training plan systematically addressing each aspect. My coaching emphasizes overall life balance, without which your chances of sustained success diminish. It’s not about more training but training efficiently avoiding the “flair or flash” mentality, typically found within the first few years of being a cyclist. We cannot defy our natural biorhythms by continuous training and need to introduce variety and recovery. Periods of reduced intensity create an opportunity to emphasize fluidity, rhythm, balance, mental awareness and rejuvenation, as well as planning for future improvements.


Educating You: The value of a coach is to systematically lay out a plan that offers you continual manageable growth. Even the best predetermined training plan will only get you so far. Cycling is a multidimensional sport and a flexible plan is essential, evolving along with each individual.